Introduction to QGIS for Historic Environment Professionals

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3 reviews for Introduction to QGIS for Historic Environment Professionals

  1. Simon

    The overall structure of the course was extremely good and made for a good introduction to the theory and practical aspects of QGIS. The individual sections were well thought out and contained appropriate content for the learning required. It was aimed at the right level and covered all of the key aspects required at this point. Excellent support arrangements for students while on course.

  2. Helen

    I found this course so useful, after spending time on the QGIS tutorials and finding them difficult to really learn from as they weren’t profession specific and mostly just told you to press a button but not why you were. This was completely different and It is well appreciated, along with the face to face time we could have to ask about things we found difficult or to ask more in depth questions.
    My use of QGIS has more than doubled while working through this course and it is the main reason I am able to do the GIS work I am undertaking.

  3. Adrian

    I have really enjoyed the course, the information gathered in the different modules and the interest put on developing the workshops. I also appreciate the amount of extra resources and useful links you provide along the course. They provide new guided and reliable ways to keep learning about it after this introduction, and I’ll try keep learning from them.

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