National Occupational standards

Our online courses are CIfA approved and provide skills and knowledge in support of the following National Occupational Standards for Archaeological Practice. You can read more about the National Occupational Standards for Archaeology on the CIfA website.

  • AC8 – Undertake analysis and interpretation of archaeological material and data;
  • AC1- Research and analyse information to achieve objectives
  • AC2 – Conduct non-intrusive archaeological investigations

Below are the specific NOS skills and knowledge areas you’ll progress against by taking any of our courses.

AC8Undertake analysis and interpretation of archaeological material and dataP1-5
Performance Criteria
• Accurately identify requirements for analysis and interpretation
• Identify and apply relevant technical and ethical standards
• Analyse and assess the accuracy, currency and completeness of data and identify any additional data and material requirements
• Obtain additional data and material from relevant sources as appropriate
• Select, propose and agree appropriate methods for analysis and interpretation
Knowledge and Understanding
• How to carry out analysis and interpretation
• Data protocols
• Relevant technical and ethical standards
• Types of analysis and interpretation
• Types of method
• How to conduct analysis and interpretation
• Sources of specialist information and advice
• How to observe and measure accurately
• How to adapt analysis and interpretation procedures and practices to suit different conditions
• How and where to record and store analysis and interpretation data
• Types and modes of analysis and interpretation
• Circumstances and conditions which can affect analysis and interpretation activities
• Data protocols used in different analysis and interpretation methods
AC1Research and analyse
information to achieve objectives
P13-14 & 20Performance Criteria
• Ensure the methods are appropriate to the type of data and the research aims
• Analyse information accurately according to the appropriate methodology
• present the results of the work clearly in a manner appropriate to its audience
AC2Conduct non-intrusive archaeological investigationsP22-P24Performance Criteria
• Verify that data collected during investigation is sufficient for analytical purposes and is collated accurately
• Check and verify investigation data for accuracy and integrity
• Process investigation data accurately and present it in a format that will assist in making a balanced interpretation